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Fotografia Calabria Award 2023

Fotografia Calabria Festival

• Deadline: 7th May 2023

• Prize: €1,000 + Exhibition + Publication

• Theme: The Change

• Entry Fee: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The competition focuses on the theme of change, and is open to photographers of all ages and from all over the world. The aim is to showcase photographic projects that capture the various aspects of this process, whether it be individual or collective, environmental or technological, small or macroscopic, cultural or scientific, conscious or instinctual, predictable or sudden. The competition is open to both documentary and artistic photography, and seeks to highlight the use of photography as a means of analysis and investigation of the contemporary world, as well as a form of art and visual experimentation.

The judging criteria includes the respect for the theme, the design character of the works, and the original and innovative look of the photographers. The jury, which consists of photography professionals with extensive experience in the industry, will also seek a dialogue between the images in the series and the overall project concept. Each work must be accompanied by a short and clear introduction describing the idea and vision of the project, as well as the captions of the individual photographs, if provided.

The awards for the competition include cash prizes, production and staging of the exhibition, publication in the catalog of Photography Calabria Festival 2023, visibility through the Festival’s communication actions, and publication in a permanent section of the Festival website.


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