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We don't do any visual entertainment, we share info for photographers every day, our niche is made by 100% real photographers, all of them contest lovers waiting for the next opportunity for their needs.

How We Will Promote Your Event?

  • 3 IG Posts

  • 2 IG Stories

  • 1 FB Post

  • 1 Website Blog Post

  • 4 IG Stories "Past Winners"

This campaign will redirect from 250 to 700 potential customers to the contest organizer website, all these redirects will be tracked and we will share real time analytics with you, we will read those data and if the campaign doesn't match our expectations we will add 1 or 2 posts to the campaign in order to make the organizer satisfied.

It is important to understand that every single redirect already know the price and the theme of your contest even before to get to your website, so if they reach it they are very motivated and about to apply.

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