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World Water Day Photo Contest 2024

• The Lions Club of Seregno + UN-Water

• Deadline: February 26th, 2024

• Prize: 1500€ + Exhibition + Exposure

• Theme: Leveraging Water for Peace

• Entry Fees: Yes


World Water Day Photo Contest 2024

The World Water Day Photo Contest is an artistic event open to photographers worldwide, whether they are amateurs or professionals, driven by values of respect, tolerance, and goodwill towards nature and humanity. It originated in 2017 as a cultural and solidarity project by the Lions Club Seregno AID.

In its relatively brief history, the competition has witnessed the participation of photographs of exceptional beauty and dramatic intensity. These images have been powerful in bringing attention to the dangers that threaten water and the symbiotic relationship between water and humanity. Simultaneously, the contest has celebrated the purity and life-giving essence of water.

The contest serves as a platform for photographers to contribute their unique perspectives on the vital role water plays in our lives. It encourages participants to use their artistic expressions to highlight both the vulnerabilities and resilience of water, forging a connection between the visual arts and the critical issues surrounding water and its impact on human existence. As a testament to its cultural and humanitarian significance, the World Water Day Photo Contest continues to inspire photographers worldwide to explore and share their visions, fostering a global dialogue on the importance of safeguarding this precious resource for current and future generations.


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