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ViewSonic - The 2022 ColorPro Award


• Deadline: September 16th, 2022⁠

• Category: Breakthrough

• Prize: $20,000 Worth of Prize

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The 2022 ColorPro Award has two categories; photography and digital art. The 2022 theme, is Breakthrough.

What is a breakthrough?

Is it that moment that you step out your comfort zone? … that moment your art dares to be something unique … when you make that transition from hobbyist to artist… when you go from showing friends and family your work to showing the world?

Share your idea of a breakthrough with your camera, your creativity and your imagination.

It’s time to shine brightly. The world is waiting…

Photography category You can submit landscape, portrait, still life, street life or any other type of photos that you think expresses the breakthrough theme.

Digital Art category Poster, comic, game, 2D concept, digital or any other type of digitally-generated art that you think expresses the breakthrough theme.


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