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• The Prix Virginia - Prize for Women 22 •

The Prix Virginia

• Deadline: May 7th, 2022⁠

• Prize: 10,000€ + Exposition

• Theme: Women

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

A photography prize for Women

The women of my family were my foundation: Virginia, my pianist grandmother, my great-aunt painter, and my sculptor mother fed my curiosity about art from my earliest childhood. Having elders like them opened a path for me as a photographer and visual artist. The Prix Virginia is a way for me to demonstrate my support for the recognition of women photographers. It is also a way of sharing the passions that were handed down to me. Sylvia Schildge

Participate in the Prix Virginia 2022

Awarded every two years since 2012, The Prix Virginia is the first photography prize exclusively reserved for a woman photographer, regardless of her age or nationality. The work submitted must never have yet been exhibited in France and must not be the result of an editorial assignment or advertisement commission.


The Prix VIRGINIA – Awarded every other year, the Prix Virginia is open to all living women photographers, regardless of their nationality or the subject matter of their work. – Work done for commercial advertising or as an editorial assignment for an article will not be accepted. – The photographs submitted must not have been published or exhibited in France heretofore. However, the artist may have already exhibited other works in France. – The photographers may apply directly or other professional experts (photo editors, gallery owners, photo agents, and such) may apply for them. – The prize is not intended to finance the completion of the exhibition of a body of photographic work. – Application to the prize is free of any cost. – Any application which does not correspond to the conditions previously defined will not be submitted to the Jury. Rights of use The prize winner and the 10 finalists should email their photographic files in high definition (300 DPI, 30cm length). Association Sylvia S. can use these photographs to promote the Prix Virginia on its website, newsletter, social media, or through its partners or the media. These photographs may be cropped or resized depending on the needs, in agreement with the photographer. All informative and promotional material during these exhibitions and publications must indicate: « © Prix Virginia 2022 » Reward – The Sylvia S. Association will award 10.000 € to the winner. The Jury – The jury consists of 8 recognized specialists working in the field of visual arts. All the jury members change with each prize year, except for the President. – The Jury’s discussions and deliberations are private and reserved to Jury members. – The Jury’s discussions and deliberations are private and reserved to Jury members. – The President of the Jury chairs the discussion in the Jury and has a dominating vote. – The Jury has the power to resolve any questions not already covered by these rules. In any given year, the Jury may also decide that none of the works submitted meets the criteria required and that therefore they will not award a prize. – Besides the prize winner, the Jury also names as many as 10 other contenders whose photographic work they believe to be of particular value. – The photographer who wins the prize cannot enter again at a later date, but all the other contestants are welcome to apply for the Prix Virginia again. Newsletter The applicants accept to receive the newsletter from the moment they apply to the announcement of the winner. It is the main communication tool of the Prix Virginia. In case you unsubscribe, you won’t receive information about the prize anymore. This information will only be available on the Prix Virginia website. We won’t be liable for any unsubscription or mail loss. Timeline January 13, 2022, to May 7, 2022: applications open. Entry can be modified until the last day. May 7, 2022, 23h59, GMT +01: Europe/Paris: applications closed. November 02, 2022: official award ceremony. The announcement will be made during an online live audience according to terms communicated a few days before. This date can be modified.


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