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The NordArt Prize


• Deadline: October 31st 2023

• Prize: 10,000€ + Exhibition in Germany

• Category: Contemporary Photography

• Entry Fee: Free


Kunstwerk Carlshütte is a nonprofit cultural initiative that has been orchestrating the internationally acclaimed NordArt exhibition since 1999. NordArt, a dynamic showcase of contemporary art, undergoes a fresh conceptualization each year. Running from June to October, this monumental event brings together over 200 carefully chosen artists, comprising both established international figures and emerging talents, who span the globe. Their diverse works encompass paintings, sculptures, photographs, and installations, converging into a mesmerizing tapestry of artistry.

Each piece stands as a testament to its individual essence while harmonizing in a captivating dialogue with the entire collection. The immersive environment, set against a backdrop of historical significance, fosters a unique ambiance that beckons you on a voyage of exploration.

The exhibition thrives on the myriad perspectives of distinct cultures while underscoring the shared threads that bind East and West, South and North. To offer deeper insights, NordArt dedicates a pavilion each year to a different country, complemented by special projects realized in collaboration with embassies, cultural institutions, and curators from around the world.

NordArt's principal curator is Wolfgang Gramm, with Inga Aru serving as the senior curator.

The exhibition unfolds across various venues, including the historic foundry halls of Carlshütte with their expansive 22,000 square meters of ground area, the charming ACO Wagenremise building, and an expansive 80,000 square meters sculpture park. To gain a preview of the exhibition grounds, you can explore a virtual tour on our website, and you can also find films about NordArt and its featured artists on YouTube.

Artists from all corners of the globe are invited to apply for participation in the exhibition. Applications for NordArt are preferably submitted online, but alternatives include postal or email submissions. The application deadline is October 31, 2023. There are no application or participation fees.

The selection of artworks will be conducted by a jury and will be finalized by mid-February 2024. A list of selected artists and special projects will be published on our website at the beginning of March 2024. All invited artists will be notified and requested to confirm their participation, along with submitting necessary documents for the exhibition catalog.

Please note that due to logistical constraints, individual notifications cannot be sent to applicants whose work has not been selected.


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