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The National Geographic Society - Grants and Investments

The National Geographic Society

• Deadline: April 11th, 2024

• Prize: $20,000

• Theme: Invest in Bold Explorers

• Entry Fees: Free


The National Geographic Society - Grants and Investments

Since its inception in 1888, the National Geographic Society has bestowed over 15,000 grants. These grants, awarded to individuals known as National Geographic Explorers, comprise a diverse global community committed to furthering the Society's mission of revealing and safeguarding the world's marvels.

National Geographic Explorers encompass individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions. They engage not only in scaling mountain peaks or plumbing ocean depths but also in exploring the microscopic realm in laboratories, documenting local community narratives in fishing hamlets, and disseminating discoveries in classrooms. The Society backs bold, pioneering, and transformative initiatives in science, conservation, storytelling, education, and technology, all aligned with its focal areas.

In addition to financial backing, the Society actively fosters networking, connections, and educational opportunities for Explorers. It equips them with state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and training, amplifying their influence and recognition through narrative dissemination.

Grant opportunities are accessible through various entry points, offering a dynamic route to joining the National Geographic community. Whether an emerging Explorer or an established luminary, each opportunity is tailored with distinct criteria and benefits to address specific needs and objectives.

Level I Grants are aimed at individuals in the early stages of their careers, those striving to establish themselves in their respective fields, seeking mentorship, or aspiring to expand their network within the global community of National Geographic Explorers. These grants, fiercely competitive, allow funding requests of up to USD $20,000 and target those with the potential and ambition to make substantial positive contributions to their fields.

Applicants must demonstrate how joining the Explorer Community will advance their professional journeys. Level I Grants welcome individuals entirely new to the National Geographic Society network, as well as those already within the network who have not yet attained Explorer status. It's noteworthy that individuals who have previously received grants from the National Geographic Society are ineligible for Level I Grants.

Presently, the National Geographic Society is accepting pre-applications for Level I Grants. Successful candidates gain funding, exclusive training opportunities, and access to a network of fellow Explorers, experts, staff, partners, and forums. Applications must be submitted through the online portal, as mailed or emailed submissions will not be entertained.


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