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The CitiesToBe Photo Award 2023

• Anteverti

• Deadline: February 12th, 2023

• Prize: €1,500 + Publication

• Category: Urban Realities

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

CitiesToBePhoto Award2023:

An international urban photography contest for images that portray cities and their challenging, yet inspiring complexity!

The increasing concentration of people in cities is perhaps the thing that best describes the past century. Cities have been providing shelter and birth to an increasing number of people without restraint, whether they are fleeing war and conflict, pursuing a better future, or simply following the inertia of progress. The world is more urbanized than ever before, and this number is rising annually. As a result, cities now play a crucial role in global reality today.

Cities' DNA is made up of a lot of exciting things, like cultural diversity, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. At the same time, cities are a symbol of the biggest problems in our world: UN Habitat claims that they contribute more than 60% of global emissions of greenhouse gases and consume 78% of the world's energy. They are the location where cultural and identity conflicts meet, as well as where social differences and segregation are most obvious. In short, cities are the canvas on which our future will be created, and they are highly complex ecosystems with numerous layers.

At CitiesToBe and Anteverti, we are moved by this exciting combination of urban realities-related facts, which is why we have decided to organize the CitiesToBe Photo Award: a biannual competition for photographs depicting cities and their complexity, which is both challenging and inspiring.


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