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The Chateau Gallery - Lost & Found

The Chateau Gallery

• Deadline: August 15th 2023

• Prize: Exhibition + Sales

• Theme: Lost & Found

• Entry Fee: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

Step into the thought-provoking realm of "Lost and Found," an evocative exhibition that delves deep into the concept of abandoned, lost, or forgotten entities, whether they be people, places, or things. This captivating showcase embraces the idea of the "found object," where chance or circumstance leads one person to rediscover something lost by another. These found objects often carry intrinsic value or symbolic meaning, carefully granted by the perceptive eyes of their discoverers in the realm of creative expression.

Within the exhibition, the term "abandoned" encapsulates vacant or unused spaces and structures, often stumbled upon by urban explorers as they brave the elements and witness nature reclaiming what was once human-made. The idea of "forgotten" introduces an air of uncertainty, bringing forth moral dilemmas, legal implications, and potential transformations. Delving into the depths of forgetfulness, this thought-provoking concept challenges conventional notions of ownership. Boundaries blur as we contemplate the principles of property and possession.

The profound questions posed by this exhibition resound in the hearts and minds of all who encounter it. Can one truly lose sight of their origin, their identity, and the essence of who they have become? And if so, is it conceivable to embark on a journey of rediscovery - to find oneself anew?

Calling upon artists worldwide, "Lost and Found" opens its doors to an international juried group exhibition, inviting creatives aged 18 and above to contribute their artistic interpretations. The boundaries of expression are limitless as all forms of two-dimensional, traditional, and non-conventional art media find a warm welcome in this diverse showcase. Whether through the lens of digital and film photography, the vivid strokes of oil painting, the delicate touch of watercolor and acrylic, the innovative fusion of mixed media and collage, or the intricate details of drawing media like graphite, charcoal, pencils, and pen and ink, every artistic medium has its place. Even the realm of arts and crafts contributes its unique charm to this exploration of the lost and the found.

"Lost and Found" beckons you to embark on an artistic journey of rediscovery, reimagining the stories of those abandoned, lost, or forgotten. Be part of this captivating experience, where art sheds light on the profound complexities of human existence and the profound connection we share with the things and places that surround us. Submit your art to "Lost and Found," and let your creative voice echo across borders and cultures, resonating with hearts and minds around the world.


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