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Saatchi Art / Art for Change Prize 2024

Saatchi Art

• Deadline: July 17th, 2024

• Prize: £2,000 + Worldwide Exposure

• Theme: Tomorrow’ing: Visions of a Better Future

• Entry Fees: Free


Travel Tales Award 2024 - Call for Entries

Open to emerging artists worldwide within their first five years of active practice, this year’s prize offers a unique opportunity to respond creatively to the theme "Tomorrow'ing: Visions of a Better Future." We encourage artists to envision and depict innovative and hopeful futures through their art, exploring themes of optimism, progress, and positive change.

The prize fund totals £20,000, which will be distributed among six winners. Five artists will each receive £2,000, while one overall winner will be awarded £10,000. In addition to the financial rewards, the winning artists will have the prestigious opportunity to exhibit their work at the renowned Saatchi Gallery in London. This exhibition will provide significant exposure and recognition within the art world, potentially launching the careers of these emerging talents to new heights.

This prize is more than just a competition; it is a celebration of emerging artistic talent and a testament to the power of art as a medium for social and global change. By participating, artists will contribute to a larger dialogue on how visual arts can inspire and effect positive transformation in society. Our mission is to make art, culture, and creativity accessible to everyone, and this prize underscores our commitment to this goal by providing a platform for new voices in the art community.

We believe that the perspectives of emerging artists are crucial in shaping the future of the visual arts. Through this prize, we aim to foster creativity, innovation, and meaningful conversations around the potential of art to envision and build a better tomorrow.

We invite all eligible artists to submit their entries by the deadline on 17 July 2024. This is a chance to be part of an exciting and impactful movement, showcasing your work on an international stage and joining a community dedicated to the transformative power of art.



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