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• ⁠Rotterdam Photo 2022 XL⁠ •

Rotterdam Photo Festival

• Deadline: November 1st, 2021⁠

• Prize: Exhibition⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠•

• Theme: The human blueprint⁠

• Entry Fees: Free⁠ •


Rotterdam Photo is an annual photo fair with a festival flair. Taking place during Rotterdam Art Week, art lovers have the opportunity to visit numerous art and design events. The event in Rotterdam celebrates the wide spectrum of photography as it presents itself in our contemporary image culture.⁠

Each year, Rotterdam Photo invites a wide gamut of independent photographers to exhibit at the fair, whether or not they are accompanied by a gallery. From amateurs to fine art and from documentary to street, photographers are invited to submit their work via an open call that revolves around a current theme. The goal is to offer an affordable exhibition space compared to the usual art/photo fairs.In addition to the exhibitions, Rotterdam Photo organizes talks, workshops and a fringe program with music and exhibitions on digital screens throughout the city. ⁠

Participating photographers will exhibit their work at Rotterdam Photo in February 2022 during the Rotterdam Art Week 2022. They will get an opportunity to sell their own work, meet gallerists, art buyers and photography lovers, as well as international art press professionals. Rotterdam Photo doesn’t charge any commissions for the sales during the festival.⁠


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