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Romano Cagnoni International Photojournalism Award 2024

• RCA + Photo Lux

• Deadline: May 5th, 2024

• Prize: €5,000 + Exhibition at the PhotoLux Fest

• Theme: Roots

• Entry Fees: Free


Romano Cagnoni International Photojournalism Award 2024

In ancient philosophy, the root symbolizes the origin or the catalyst for all existence.

The four elemental constituents of nature serve as these roots: earth, water, air, and fire. In modern parlance, the term "root" is borrowed from botany, where it denotes plants establishing themselves in soil through their roots. From this botanical perspective, every living entity embodies a unique set of experiences and cultural heritage.

Throughout human history, situations have arisen wherein roots face compromise: the ancestral origins of peoples at risk of denial, the jeopardy of natural resources in a given territory, yet roots can also affirm belonging and identity. Present-day global affairs necessitate contemplation on roots, encompassing the driving motivations behind societal disparities and environmental crises, both of which breed conflicts.

In an era where the foundational principles of photojournalism confront challenges from advancing technologies, it becomes imperative to elevate photographic narratives as authentic depictions of specific events and circumstances. They possess the potential to shed light on pertinent issues, fostering public awareness on matters of paramount significance.

Selected projects will undergo evaluation by an international jury, comprising seasoned professionals chaired by Patricia Franceschetti Cagnoni. These experts will convene to identify award recipients and bestow special mentions accordingly.


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