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Red Bull Illume 2023

Red Bull

• Deadline: July 31st 2023

• Prize: €200,000 Total Value of Prizes + Exposure

• Category: Action / Sport Photography

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

Ulrich Grill, a passionate photographer and former Red Bull athlete, established Red Bull Illume in 2006. He was conducting training workshops for photographers at the time, and he came to the realization that there were no photo contests devoted to adventure and action sports. The Red Bull Illume Quest was born as a contest to honor not only the images themselves but also the people who capture them by going to such extraordinary lengths.

From that point forward, Red Bull Illume has laid down a good foundation for itself as one of the greatest photography challenges all over the planet. Every release a passing judgment on board of 50 photograph editors and computerized specialists select around 50 finalist pictures. The winners of each category and the contest as a whole are then announced at the Winner Award Ceremony. Our partners present them with stunning trophies and amazing prize packages!

1: The status.

The actual prize offered to winners is incomparable: the exposure and prestige that come with being a Red Bull Illume winner, which can be a significant boost to one's career. Red Bull Illume has been in business since 2006 to spotlight adventure and action sports photographers and put them on the map. One of the highest honors in photography is to be awarded a Red Bull Illume Trophy.

2: all of the light.

Your work will be featured in top photographic and sports publications' news stories, blogs, and magazines. It opens the door to numerous new possibilities; Red Bull Illume has helped numerous previous winners turn their passions into careers.

3: Talking about professions…

Winning a photography grant like Red Bull Illume is about more than commending your large prize, it's tied in with getting your work seen by, not just, a board of photography and computerized specialists, yet the entire world, truly. It simply appears very attractive on your resume.

4: The global tour of exhibits.

The one-of-a-kind exhibition, which travels the globe for an entire year, will bring each finalist's artwork to life. Even those who think shredding is only for paper will be inspired by their breathtaking work.

5: You're in!

Red Bull Illume is a global community of photographers who love adventure, action sports, and everything in between. You will be adding a lot of new contacts to your phone, many of whom will be friends for the rest of your life.

6: an event that changed my life.

As though reasons one to five weren't sufficient, you ought to enter Red Bull Illume Picture Mission 2023 on the grounds that it could completely change you. Naturally, unless you enter, you won't know!

7: Furthermore, shouldn't something be said about those awards?

Besides the prestigious trophy, what else? The extraordinary rewards offered by Red Bull Illume's global partners will take your upcoming photography projects to the next level!


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