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Prix Picto de la Mode - Bourse du Talent

• Picto

• Deadline: June 9th, 2024

• Prize: €3,000 + Exhibition in Paris

• Category: New Documentary Writings

• Entry Fee: Free


Prix Picto de la Mode - Bourse du Talent

Since 1998, the Talent Exchange has rewarded the talent of young creators in the fields of photography by supporting emerging photography each year. This event, organized by and Picto Foundation , has become over the years an essential event dedicated to the recognition of emerging artists. It acts as a springboard towards professionalization and the market for these emerging talents.

In 2023, after the first 25 editions which made it possible to reveal and encourage many now recognized photographers, the time has come for an update of the program aimed at constantly putting it in touch with the proposals and expectations of contemporary photographers. .

The Talent Exchange is interested in new documentary writing implemented by young photographers to continue to tell the story of our world while integrating new forms and modalities of mediation. At a time when the press image tends to be projected on screen rather than printed on glossy paper, when emerging companies largely combine their projects in a plurality of mediums and writings, the Talent Exchange continues to to be an echo for all these new documentary expressions.


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