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Prix Elysée - International Photography Prize

Prix Elysée

• Deadline: January 28th 2024

• Prize: CHF 80,000

• Theme: Open

• Entry Fee: Free


At Photo Elysée, we're dedicated to supporting photographers as they navigate their careers, ensuring their artistic legacy endures for generations. Collaborating since 2014, Photo Elysée and Parmigiani Fleurier have united to champion creativity, culminating in the creation of the biennial Prix Elysée.

The Prix Elysée operates in two distinct phases, offering crucial backing for creative endeavors. Initially, the focus is on promoting the work-in-progress of eight nominees. Later, the winning artist's completed project is showcased through diverse mediums such as publications, exhibitions, installations, and more.

This prize welcomes photographers and artists using photography in their practice, regardless of age or nationality. It aims at individuals whose work has gained national recognition through initial exhibitions and publications but hasn't yet been the subject of a mid-career retrospective. Esteemed professionals in photography or art, from museums, galleries, publishing houses, or journalism, recommend nominees. All photographic genres and techniques are welcome, and the prize has no fixed theme. Proposed projects must be entirely new and unrealized, never exhibited or published before, and should not have been submitted to other awards.

In the first phase, eight nominees are chosen based on their entry portfolios, each receiving a CHF 5,000 contribution to initiate their projects. Subsequently, an international jury meticulously evaluates the complete files of each nominee in the following year, selecting the winner, who receives CHF 80,000. This sum supports both project production and presentation, with the expectation that both aspects will be completed on time and within budget. Throughout this process, the curator guides the winner. The completed project is then showcased at a significant Photo Elysée event.


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