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Portrait Photographer of the Year Award

• International Portrait Photographer of the Year

• Deadline: June 20th, 2023

• Prize: US$10,000 in Cash Prizes

• Category: Portrait Photography

• Entry Fee: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

There is an abundance of photography competitions available, but only a few provide a score for each submission and the opportunity to be featured in our remarkable annual Awards book, not just once, but 101 times!

To witness the magnificence of the world's finest portrait photographers, simply follow the Archive link in the menu above and explore the flip-books of the International Portrait Photographer of the Year Award for 2021 and 2022. The talent showcased is truly extraordinary!

Imagine the elation felt by these portrait photographers when they see their work published alongside the very best in the world. It is an incredible accomplishment.

The International Portrait Photographer of the Year Awards book is a tangible masterpiece, printed on paper and elegantly bound between sturdy covers. You can acquire a copy through our online shop, and for widespread recognition, we also present the books as PDF flip-books on our website.

This prestigious award is now in its third year, and like its popular counterpart, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards (celebrating its tenth year), it upholds a similar philosophy. The primary goal is to secure a spot among the Top 101 photographs of the year and be featured in the commemorative book. Will you seize this opportunity?

A total of US$10,000 in cash prizes is distributed among the overall winner, as well as the first, second, and third places in each of the four categories. Furthermore, Momento Pro provides printed copies of the book to these 13 winners. The remaining Top 101 photographers also have the chance to purchase a printed copy or download an eBook version from our website.

So, how does the process work? As an entrant, your task is to captivate our esteemed judges! Submitting your entry is a breeze—simply resize your file to 4000-5000 pixels on the longest side, save it as a JPEG, and upload it. The entry fee is US$25 per image, and if you enter by June 13, 2023, every fifth entry is free. Final submissions will be accepted until our revised deadline of June 20, 2023.

To qualify for the Top 101 or win a category prize, you need to submit only one image. However, if you aspire to become the International Portrait Photographer of the Year, our judges require a minimum of four entries. Most participants are likely to enter at least five, considering the fifth entry is free when completed by June 13, 2023.


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