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PhotoVogue Global Open Call 2024

• Photo Vogue

• Deadline: April 29th 2024

• Prize: Exhibition + Publication + Exposure

• Theme: A Love letter to Nature

• Entry Fee: Free


PhotoVogue Global Open Call 2024 • Tree of Life: A Love letter to Nature

This year's PhotoVogue Global Open Call pays homage to the breathtaking beauty of our natural world and the diverse array of creatures that inhabit it. Beyond its quest for visual excellence, our call seeks to nurture a message of compassion, respect, and admiration for nature and its inhabitants. We advocate for a fundamental shift in our relationship with the planet and its beings, emphasizing not only the splendor of nature but also the profound love and connection between humans and animals, extending this sentiment to encompass the broader community of life surrounding us.

Expanding upon our understanding of kinship, our vision echoes Mahatma Gandhi's belief that 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' We aspire to extend this connection beyond conventional pets to include often overlooked animals such as cows and pigs, recognizing their capacity for profound emotions and their vital role in sustaining the ecosystem.

Inspired by "Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations" by The Center for Humans and Nature, our call resonates with the concept of a shared community of life, wherein the connections between humans and nonhuman beings are equally significant. This inclusive mosaic of existence encompasses everything from the microscopic organisms in our bodies to the towering trees that sustain the air we breathe, affirming that all life forms are interconnected.

For many cultures worldwide, the essence of being human is rooted in this extended sense of kinship, acknowledging nonhumans as integral members of our lives. It's a perspective that regards humans and nonhumans alike as essential participants in a vibrant, life-sustaining planetary network.

In this dynamic tapestry of relationships, we are committed to deepening our care and respect for the entire family of life that shares our planet — including plants, rivers, mountains, animals, and other co-inhabitants. We are proud to collaborate with Parley for the Oceans for our PhotoVogue Global Open Call, as their dedication to ocean preservation and their efforts against climate change and biodiversity loss align with the core values of our initiative. Through this partnership, we aim to foster a global community of artists dedicated to highlighting and safeguarding the natural world.

In addition to the Open Call, we will integrate Parley's vision into our broader collaborative efforts. Stay tuned for an interview with Parley's founder Cyrill Gutsch on PhotoVogue, and consider taking the Parley AIR Pledge. We believe these initiatives will offer valuable insights into environmental stewardship and provide our participants and audience with avenues for deeper engagement with these critical issues.

In this spirit, we welcome artists who express themselves through photography and video, embracing all aesthetics and genres, from realistic portrayals to fantastical creations, from documentary narratives to glamorous visuals. Whether it's wildlife documentaries, environmentally conscious fashion shoots, or videos exploring symbiotic relationships within ecosystems, we encourage submissions that inspire change and offer hope, celebrating our connection with nature and focusing on its beauty and resilience. Endorsed by all 27 editions of Vogue worldwide, this Open Call offers artists the opportunity to be featured at the 2024 PhotoVogue Festival in Milan and potentially in an issue of Vogue. Additionally, two selected artists will each receive a $5,000 grant to support their artistic endeavors, and participants can benefit from one-on-one virtual sessions with industry experts, enriching the global and diverse nature of this endeavor.


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