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Photography 4 Humanity / Global Prize 2024

Photography 4 Humanity

• Deadline: August 1st, 2024

• Prize: $5,000 + Exhibition in the U.K.

• Theme: Climate Justice

• Entry Fees: Free


Photography 4 Humanity Global Prize

Capturing Climate Justice through Photography

Join us in the 2024 Global Contest dedicated to promoting climate justice through the lens of photography. At our core, we recognize climate change as a pressing human rights issue. Thus, we seek images that vividly portray the individuals and communities profoundly affected by the escalating climate crisis.

Our quest spans across a diverse spectrum, encompassing climate refugees, the vulnerable segments such as the very young, the elderly, the disabled, and the impoverished. Additionally, we aim to shed light on the plight of indigenous and island communities, along with the crucial role of women in climate justice.

We extend our arms to embrace images that depict climate champions tirelessly advocating for change, as well as those engaged in efforts to mitigate and reverse the impacts of climate change.

The stage is set for the 2024 Photography 4 Humanity Global Prize Competition. Submit your entries now and be part of this impactful journey.


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