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Photo Book Award 2024

FotoEvidence Association

• Deadline: 10th January, 2024

Theme: Ukraine: A War Crime Volume Two

Prize: Book Publication

• Entry Fees: Free


Established in 2020 in Montpellier, France, the FotoEvidence Association operates at the intersection of human rights and photography, with a focus on the FotoEvidence Book Award and the FotoEvidence W Award, specifically designed for women photographers. The organization's primary objective is to amplify and support the initiatives of FotoEvidence, a publishing house founded in 2010. This publishing house is dedicated to documentary photography addressing human rights, social justice, and ecological concerns. Originally headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, FotoEvidence has since relocated to the village of Marseillan in Herault, France.

The FotoEvidence Association's central mission is to bring attention to injustice, oppression, and assaults on human dignity through the lens of photographers working in the humanistic tradition. FotoEvidence books address pressing social and environmental justice issues, spanning from genocide to global warming. Published with the intent to inspire social change, expose injustice, create enduring evidence, and demand accountability, these books play a crucial role in drawing attention to critical matters. Since 2012, the FotoEvidence Book Award has recognized documentary photographers whose work demonstrates courage and commitment in addressing violations of human rights, significant injustices, or assaults on human dignity.

In response to the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, FotoEvidence took an innovative approach. Instead of focusing on an individual photographer, the organization led a collective action within the photojournalism community to document Russia's invasion, the devastating impacts of war, Russia's indiscriminate and criminal violence, and the resilience of Ukrainian identity and resistance. This collaborative effort underscores FotoEvidence's commitment to harnessing the power of photography to raise awareness, advocate for justice, and document pivotal moments in our global landscape.


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