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Paris International Street Photo Awards

• Pispa

• Deadline: October 31st, 2023

• Prize: $2,500 + Exhibitions + Publications

• Category: Street Photography

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE for more opportunities •

PISPA stands as a dedicated street photography competition, and as we mark our 6th edition this year, expect a special edition brimming with delightful surprises for photographers.

Since our inception, we've proudly awarded over $20,000 in Cash Prizes to deserving photographers. Moreover, we are committed to ensuring that the work of photographers receives the circulation and visibility it truly deserves.

To achieve this, we've fostered vital partnerships with influential figures in the photography realm. In an exciting development, the 2023 edition marks an extraordinary milestone as we become partners with Xposure, the world's largest photography festival held annually in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. As a gesture of honor, this festival will physically showcase not only the work of our two grand prize winners but also the special mentions (6 in total) and the finalists (10 in number).

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Snap Collective, a flourishing publishing house. This year, our winners, special mentions, and finalists will have the opportunity to publish their inaugural photo monograph—an aspiration and challenge cherished by all photographers throughout their careers.

In addition to these exclusive partnerships, our competition's victorious photographers will receive invitations to participate in a prominent festival where their work will be either exhibited or screened, with accommodation expenses covered by our platform. Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert, one of France's most significant photo festivals, will be celebrating its 13th edition this year.

Notably, the work of our winners will also be published in two prestigious photography magazines.

Our esteemed jury continually evolves, welcoming fresh names and prominent figures from the world of photography. We maintain a delicate balance within our jury, including photographers, publishers, and gallery owners.

Over the years, our competition has grown into a genuine platform crafted by and for photographers. It provides them with invaluable opportunities that can serve as a significant launching pad for their careers. Many of our photographers have gained international recognition, harnessing the influence of our competition and its amplification through social networks, potent lobbying, and networking with key figures in the photography industry.


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