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Olympus Evident Image of the Year Award 2024


• Deadline: April 30th 2024

• Prize: Equipment + Exposure

• Category: Micro Photography

• Entry Fee: Free


Olympus Evident Image of the Year Award 2024

In continuation of the remarkable achievements witnessed in previous editions of the Image of the Year Awards, Evident remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence by soliciting submissions for the finest light microscopy images in the year 2024. The prestigious fifth installment of the Global Image of the Year Scientific Light Microscopy Award is poised to honor exemplary scientific imagery on an international scale. This year marks an unprecedented milestone as the competition introduces a novel video category, poised to showcase the intricate artistry involved in capturing subtle movements observed under the microscope. Entrants stand the chance to secure remarkable prizes, including the coveted SZX7 microscope equipped with a cutting-edge DP23 digital camera, premium X Line™ objectives, a CX23 microscope, or an SZ61 microscope.


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