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Nobuyoshi Araki MA-g Awards for Photography

The Museum of Avant-Garde

• Deadline: May 31st, 2023

• Prize: Exhibition in Switzerland + Exposure

• Category: Several Categories

• Entry Fee: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The Museum of Avant-garde has a mission to safeguard and champion the legacy of avant-garde movements, art groups, and individual artists who have redefined our understanding of art and shaped our cultural and social landscape. One of their annual events is the MA-g Awards, which pay homage to creativity in graphic design, illustration, and photography, whether in an artistic or commercial context. Entrants can submit multiple artworks, and winners are selected by renowned artists who have made outstanding contributions to their respective fields. The Museum of Avant-garde celebrates these artists' accomplishments by naming the awards after them, and winners receive a one-of-a-kind honor from the judge who lent their name to that year's awards. By entering the awards, participants have the opportunity to become part of a larger cultural institution and gain international recognition. Winning works become part of the museum's contemporary collection, where they can be viewed alongside masterpieces by world-renowned artists. This allows for a parallel journey through art history and the contemporary art world, which is at the heart of the Museum's vision and mission. The contemporary collection is not an ancillary part of the Museum's assets; it plays a crucial role in promoting the understanding and appreciation of different art forms today. The Museum of Avant-garde believes that the avant-gardes were pioneers in driving the conversation about what art is, should be, and could be, and it aims to honor this legacy through its collection. The contemporary collection is not limited to the annual awards event but will be permanently displayed both online and in future exhibitions at the Museum's venue.


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