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Nature and Wildlife Photo Competition 2024

Theme: Wildlife & Climate.

Prize: $1,000 + Exposure

• Entry Fees: Free


  1. The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" resonates deeply with us at Earth.Org, as we firmly believe in the transformative power of photography and imagery to inspire, educate, and mobilize action for the protection and preservation of our planet. In our Climate Crisis Photography Competition 2023, over 500 talented photographers from more than 60 countries passionately submitted their work, showcasing a shared dedication to the environment. Their photographs revealed the natural beauty of our planet while shedding light on the evolving landscape and the consequences of human activities. Stay tuned to discover the deserving winners. Meanwhile, explore the complete list of winners from the 2022 Competition on our website.

For the upcoming EO Photography Competition 2024, we extend an invitation to explorers, adventure travelers, professional photographers, and those working on the frontline of wildlife conservation worldwide. We encourage submissions in the following categories:

  • Wildlife in Peril: Document or highlight biodiversity and the challenges faced by wildlife due to climate change and human activities. This may include images of animals in distress, trapped, or facing endangerment.

  • Climate Action: Capture moments related to environmental protests (youth-led or widespread), practical implementations of climate solutions, or impactful actions for change (such as renewable energy initiatives, sustainable activities, and beach clean-ups).

  • Overall Winner: Six of the best photos will be selected from the two aforementioned categories.

The 2024 Prizes include US$500 for the Winner of the Earth.Org "Overall Best Environmental Photo" 2023 and US$250 each for the Winners of the two sub-categories "Wildlife in Peril" 2023 and "Climate Action" 2023. Submissions must be received by April 26th, 2024. All Winners will have the opportunity to take over the Earth.Org Instagram page for a week, be interviewed for articles on Earth.Org, and showcase their work on our website or in our articles. Winners will be announced on our website and notified via email by June 23rd, 2024.


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