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Mia Photo Fair and Irinox - Save the Food Photo Award 2024

Mia Photo Fair / Irinox

• Deadline: February 25th, 2024

• Prize: € 3.000 Acquisition + Exhibitions

• Theme: Food

• Entry Fees: Yes


Mia Photo Fair and Irinox - Save the Food Photo Award 2024

MIA Photo Fair is thrilled to unveil the launch of the third edition of the IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD AWARD, meticulously curated by Claudio Composti, esteemed co-founder and art director of mc2gallery, in conjunction with his role as an independent curator.

This prestigious accolade extends a warm invitation to artists from diverse backgrounds, regardless of age or nationality, to delve into the theme of food and food waste across its multifaceted spectrum. Up to 15 exceptional artists will be personally selected to exhibit their creations in a meticulously curated showcase, with complimentary participation, during the 13th edition of MIA Photo Fair, slated to grace the MiCo Allianz in Milan, Italy, from April 11th to 14th, 2024 (with an exclusive VIP Preview on April 10th). The chosen artists will receive a dedicated space within the fair to present their masterpieces.

The IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD AWARD owes its existence to the generous backing of Irinox, S.p.A., a pioneering manufacturer renowned for its rapid blast chillers and top-tier preservation systems for the industry. Following their showcase at MIA Photo Fair, the winning artists will have the esteemed opportunity to exhibit their works in Parma during CIBUS, the renowned international Made in Italy food fair, at a prestigious venue within the city.

Submission Deadline: February 25, 2024

Concept: This esteemed award aims to spotlight artists who have harnessed diverse visual mediums to explore the intricate theme of food. Beyond its fundamental role as sustenance, food holds deep symbolic and socio-anthropological significance ingrained in human heritage. The act of communal dining transcends mere nourishment; it serves as the cornerstone of human connections. Throughout various artistic realms, from cinema to literature, artists have portrayed the multifaceted narrative of food, unraveling its rich meanings. In today's context, with food sustainability emerging as a critical socio-economic concern, these artistic explorations assume heightened significance.

In its third iteration, the IRINOX SAVE THE FOOD award aligns seamlessly with the mission and values of Irinox, a trailblazer in the realm of rapid blast chillers for both domestic and professional settings. Irinox has long championed environmental sustainability and endeavored to raise awareness about food waste. By advocating for the culture of cold conservation, Irinox seeks to combat food waste, minimize time and energy consumption, and safeguard the integrity of food properties. Through this prestigious award, Irinox remains steadfast in its mission to promote sustainable practices in food preservation and waste reduction.


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