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Martin Lagois Fotowettbewerb

Lagois Fotowettbewerb - Open Call

• Deadline: March 26h, 2023

• Prize: 5,000 Eur

• Theme: Living Climate Friendly

• Entry Fees: Free


During the pandemic, how can a photo contest be started? We posed that inquiry to ourselves a year ago. The countdown has begun; photos and reports on the theme of "charity" can be submitted through the end of June 2021; I am eagerly awaiting the outcomes.

The choice was difficult: Is it even possible for a pandemic photo competition to work? I am overjoyed to have so many partners aboard who have never doubted the project and support our cause. We searched for the subject together, struggled for a long time, and finally implemented it.

The following is information regarding the charity-themed Lagois Photo Contest 2021: Images and image series that illuminate the spectrum of this topic may be submitted: For instance, the neighbors who offer assistance with everyday tasks. Friends who support us. or the attempt to end the conflict and reach peace. volunteered assistance for the weak, lonely, ill, or disabled. Private activities in the neighborhood and with friends. initiatives online commitment in clubs, youth work, and communities. charitable and diaconal service.

There are two ways to win the Lagois Photo Prize:

The (professional) photographers from German-speaking nations are the target audience for the EUR 2,500 photo prize.

The 1,500 euros awarded to the youth prize are intended for young people and young adults aged 14 to 27.

A traveling exhibition that will be shown all over the country will feature the winning photographs. A selection of the most significant works on the subject will be included in a catalog that will also be published.

The ConSozial trade fair in Nuremberg will host the award ceremony and exhibition opening. with the tagline "Focus on people - more than ever!" Social sector decision-makers will gather on November 10 and 11 to brainstorm new ideas and collaborate on the development of essential answers to major social questions.


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