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Magnum Photos

• Deadline: May 1st, 2023

• Prize: Become a Full Member of Magnum Photos

• Category: Photo Project

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

Magnum Photos is a photography cooperative owned and operated by members. Membership in the agency, which is self-selected, is regarded as one of a photographer's greatest achievements.

It takes at least four years to become a full member of Magnum Photos. Magnum's Annual General Meeting, held in June, is the only time new photographers are hired. On that day, potential new members' portfolios are reviewed and voted on.

All professional photographers from around the world are welcome to send in their portfolios to Magnum Photos. Submit up to 50 images in two to three separate projects if you want to be considered for membership. Give us some background information about yourself and the projects you've submitted.

If your application is accepted, one of Magnum's photographers will get in touch with you toward the end of June and invite you to become a "Nominee Member." This type of membership gives Magnum and the individual a chance to get to know each other but does not require either party to make any commitments.

Photographers can apply for "Associate Membership" by submitting an updated portfolio after two years of Nominee membership. If the photographer is successful, they will be bound by the agency's rules and will have access to all of its facilities and worldwide representation.

At long last, after an additional two years, a Partner part wishing to apply for full enrollment presents a further arrangement of work for thought by the Individuals. The photographer becomes a full member of Magnum for life or for as long as they choose after being elected.


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