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Life Framer Photo Contests / The Human Body

Life Framer

• Deadline: June 30th, 2024

• Prize: $2,000 + Exhibitions + Exposure

• Theme: The human Body

• Entry Fees: Yes


Deloitte's Photo Grant 2024

Life Framer is a platform dedicated to discovering, sharing, and showcasing contemporary photography. We host monthly calls for entries, each centered around a unique theme and judged by distinguished photographers, curators, editors, and gallerists. Annually, we exhibit the winners' works in galleries worldwide.

Founded in London in 2013 by a group of photography enthusiasts, Life Framer sought to create an innovative and engaging award with artistic integrity, accessible to emerging photographers. Since our inception, we have grown, expanding our team and collaborators, exhibiting in more diverse locations, publishing photobooks, and introducing new features such as our Journal, memberships, public photographer profiles, and portfolio reviews. Despite these developments, our passion remains steadfast – to celebrate creative photography both online and in person.

This contest's theme is "the human body." As the vessel for our brains, hearts, and souls, let's explore the human body's image – from head to toe, capturing its quirks, uniqueness, and beauty. Whether it's a detailed close-up or a scene that encapsulates human nature, with over seven billion bodies to choose from, show us the ones that stand out.

We welcome all genres of photography – portraiture, candid, studio, conceptual, documentary – whether new or from your archives. Entries are open to all types of photography and any type of camera. Tasteful nudity is welcome.


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