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Leica Women Foto Project

• Leica

• Deadline: November 7th, 2022⁠

• Prize: $10,000 + Leica Camera

• Theme: Woman’s Point of View

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION:CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The Leica Women Foto Project serves to empower the female perspective and its impact on today’s visual stories. We believe the shape of a story is reactive to the storyteller’s perspective, developing a narrative that too often is reflective of individual truths. The Leica Women Foto Project encourages diversity and inclusion in visual storytelling to amplify voices typically underrepresented in photography, discovering the breadth of shapes formed by a single story.​ Conceived in 2019, the initiative has evolved to offer cash awards, mentor ship and business opportunities and Leica equipment to serve the female perspective in the world of photography.

This year, the Award expands to residents of the US, UK, Mexico, and Canada (excluding Québec), where one applicant from each region will be awarded a Leica SL2-S camera set and $10,000 USD. Applicants are requested to submit a single photo essay made with any make or model camera that bears witness to humanity as expressed through the female perspective. Winners will be announced on March 8, 2023.


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