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Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards

Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards

• Deadline: May 31st, 2022⁠

• Prize: Canon EOS R6 + Exhibition + Exposure

• Theme: Human Nature

• Entry Fees: 15USD (100% Donated To Ukrainian People)

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

Dear Friends and Followers of KLPA,

This year, for the first time, we are making an appeal to you. We are in total support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine and they need assistance. KLPA will pledge to donate 100% of all net entry fees from the 2022 open call to support the humanitarian needs of the millions of displaced Ukrainians who are desperately seeking shelter, clothes, and food.

Therefore, KLPA2022 is a unique one, where our prizemoney which is usually funded from entry fees will all go towards the cause.* Instead, we are presenting the top three winners with Canon digital cameras courtesy of KLPA, and our Top 45 finalists with an online and physical exhibition in Kuala Lumpur at the end of 2022.

KLPA is run by a very small and dedicated team maintaining the highest possible standards to promote portrait photography amongst Malaysians and internationally, and has always operated on a self-funded basis. We do not have external funding sources, apart from sponsorships of prizes, venues, printing, and volunteered time.

Therefore, we will be crowdfunding for funds to cover the exhibition catalogues and prints, and appeal to you, our generous followers and friends, individuals, and organisations to help spread the word. (Donate here)

The 2022 theme is HUMAN/NATURE. This is to be interpreted in the widest creative, philosophical, sociological senses. There will be no open or project categories. We look forward to your support.

​Steven Lee

Founder Director, KLPA


What are the traits of being human? The central concept that human beings have an inherent cause towards a finality, as claimed by Aristotle’s teleological arguments were often challenged by later thinkers and philosophers that human behaviour is malleable and hence changeable by external influences.

We ask if being human is natural and if so, what is human (as opposed to being beasts). How can we as artists and photographers depict these ‘human’ traits in our work, and in stand-alone portraits? How do we portray morality, ethics, reasoning, feelings like love, hate, envy - all basic human traits creatively and effectively. Ultimately, we are emotion-led beings that react to influences from our tradition, environment, and nature.

We seek creative and meaningful stand-alone portraits in all genres : street, documentary, fine-art, conceptual etc; inspired and influenced by the theme, with accompanying titles and captions. We love to know your creative process and the thinking behind the portrait you have made


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