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KLPA 2024 - Photographic Portrait Prize


• Deadline: April 5th, 2024

• Prize: $2,000 + Exhibition

Theme: Portrait Photography

• Entry Fees: Yes (Free for Students)


KLPA 2024 - Photographic Portrait Prize

2024 THEME: While photography is commonly referred to as a literal art form, portraiture possesses the capacity to transcend the literal through constructed narratives. We are currently accepting submissions for the 2024 edition with the theme MAKE IT REAL: Staged Narratives in Portraiture, delving into the profound trajectories of storytelling, alternative realities, or make-believe tales that captivate our imaginations.

FESTIVAL PARTNERS: It can be argued that most directed portrait sessions involve some level of staging or construction, whether in fashion photography, formal settings, environmental contexts, or self-portraiture—distinct from candid street or reportage photography. The re-enactment of histories and the creation of new identities allow viewers to immerse themselves in fable-like realms akin to cinema or theatrical productions, fostering dialogue and discourse. Life's complexities extend beyond mere art.

KLPA2024 invites photographers to submit staged portrait studies, ranging from the subtle directive of 'turning the head to face the camera' to conceptualized self-portraits and intricately designed set constructions. The call is open to photographers of all genres, encompassing experimental, conceptual, street, environmental, studio, self-portraits, or inspired documentary narratives. Let's expand the horizons of creative expression.


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