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International Nature Photo Contest

EuroNatur Foundation • Deadline: 31st March, 2024

Theme: Nature

Prize: €1.500

• Entry Fees: Free


Join us in toasting to the 31st installment of EuroNatur's esteemed international photo competition, "European Treasures of Nature." With an open invitation to both amateur and professional photographers, EuroNatur, alongside its dedicated partners, encourages participants to delve into the captivating world of European flora and fauna, as well as the mesmerizing landscapes that define the continent, all through the lens of their cameras.

A discerning jury comprising experts from EuroNatur, "natur," GELSENWASSER AG, and the photo shop LichtBlick in Constance will meticulously sift through the entries, selecting the most remarkable images that encapsulate the allure of European nature. The cream of the crop will earn a coveted place in EuroNatur's expansive calendar, and the talented photographers will be rewarded with prestigious monetary prizes. Moreover, the winning photographs will grace the pages of both EuroNatur and "natur" magazines and take center stage on the websites of the competition organizers.


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