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IMA NEXT Photo Contest - #Touch


• Deadline: March 20th, 2022⁠ •

• Prize: 100k JPY + Exposure⁠⁠⁠ ⁠•

• Theme: Portrait Photography •

• Entry Fees: Yes •

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities


IMA next is a photography competition open to anyone who wishes to participate. Every month, one theme will be announced and judged by a professional in the creative industry. The winner will be awarded a cash prize along with a feature on IMA ONLINE, IMA magazine, or with possible opportunities to exhibit his/her works at other occasions organized by IMA. This is essentially a platform that offers the chance for one of your photographs to open its wings and learn to fly away into the world of art photography. It may be your carefully designed and thought-through photographs taken with your favorite camera or it may also be an accidental shot with your smartphone that turned out to be a great image. Anything is welcome. Our aim is to discover new talents from all over the world through IMA next.


The urge to touch and feel the photograph. Skin, body, fruits, or nature; with such refreshing subjects, new senses are incited within us and beauty awakens through these sensible details. At other times, it may evoke that touch to someone nearby or you can of course simply trace the surface of the object with a close-up. Your relationship to the subject in mind brings to life new pictures with the theme “TOUCH”.

[Submission Period] from January 20 to March 20

[Application fee] 2,000JPY per entry


Grand Prix

100,000 JPY Cash Prize

– Portfolio Review by Lina Scheynius – Exposure on IMA ONLINE and IMA’s official social media


– Exposure on IMA ONLINE and IMA official social media – Portfolio Review by IMA

ABOUT IMA nextこのコンテストについて

IMA nextは、誰もが応募できるオンラインの写真コンテストです。毎月ひとつのテーマを掲げ、 豊富な経験と専門知識を持つ審査員が優れた作品を選出します。優秀作品には賞が贈呈されるほか、 IMA ONLINEや雑誌『IMA』での掲載、または展示の機会などのさまざまなチャンスが得られます。 一枚の写真が、あなたの手の中から羽ばたくきっかけを創出してくれるプラットフォームとして、 愛機で撮影した渾身の自信作から、思いがけずスマホで上手に撮れた写真まで、気軽に応募してください。 IMA nextから、新たな才能が発掘されることを期待しています。



[応募受付期間] 1月20日~3月20日

[応募費用] 1エントリーあたり¥2,000


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