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Hasselblad Masters

• Hasselblad

• Deadline: February 29th, 2024

• Prize: €5,000 + Exposure

• Theme: Several Categories

• Entry Fees: Free


Established in 2001, the Hasselblad Masters competition has cultivated a legacy dedicated to providing an unparalleled platform for extraordinary photographers across the globe. This acclaimed competition stands as a beacon in the world of photography, revered for its prestige and as a launching pad for professionals seeking to leave an indelible mark in the realm of visual arts.

Winning the Hasselblad Masters elevates photographers to an elite tier, offering a prestigious array of rewards. The esteemed winners are granted the exceptional Hasselblad 100-megapixel mirrorless medium format camera, complemented by two XCD Series lenses, further empowering their artistic vision. Adding to this esteemed accolade is a substantial creative fund of EUR 5,000, nurturing their innovation and endeavors in the field.

Moreover, the accolades extend beyond mere material rewards. Hasselblad extends a unique opportunity for winners to embark on their personal photographic journeys, leveraging the prowess of Hasselblad cameras to capture their visions and aspirations. As a testament to their achievement, select works of these exceptional artists find their rightful place in the prestigious Hasselblad Masters book, an esteemed publication that immortalizes their creative brilliance for generations to come.


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