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Getxophoto International Image Festival 2024

2024 Getxophoto Open Call

• Deadline: November 20th 2023

• Prize: Exhibition + 400€ + Accommodation and Financial Support for Travel

• Theme: Play

• Entry Fee: Yes


Getxophoto's Open Call extends an invitation to visual artists and photographers worldwide, providing an opportunity to showcase their work at the upcoming Festival edition in June 2024. The theme for the 18th edition is "Play." Nothing encapsulates the essence of life more than the act of playing.

During childhood, play embodies the epitome of freedom, ushering us into a realm of fantasy beyond the confines of adult authority, where all is possible, and reality takes a back seat. A world without the constraints of rules. Yet, it is through play that we acquire the fundamentals of rule adherence—those imposed upon us from external sources because it's "how the game is played," and those we invent, carving our own path through the game. We master the foundational principles of coexistence, team dynamics, and the art of both winning and losing. We learn to follow and negotiate. It's the grand arena where we rehearse life's forthcoming challenges.

As adults, we sometimes reluctantly bid adieu to the world of play, convincing ourselves that it no longer holds appeal or that we've outgrown its need. Yet, we surreptitiously accept it in alternative forms like sports, where we revel in unrestrained expression, be it through participation or as spectators. Or in certain art forms, where we embark on fleeting sojourns into the whimsical facets of existence or venture beyond reality (no wonder some languages retain the synonymy between "playing" and "acting"). We permit ourselves measured indulgence in board games, albeit always with an excuse—perhaps a festive season or in dire moments of ennui, like phone-less voyages or what feels like apocalyptic boredom. In the realm of youth subcultures, games like role-playing and cosplay persist, but it seems that one must be willing to confront their maturity to venture into these territories. And then there are the "games of chance," although we ponder if they might be more aptly termed as betting. Beyond these confines, in the subdued world of adulthood, the spirit of playfulness is often denied its place.

For Getxophoto 2024, we seek proposals within the realm of imagery and photography that delve into the notion of games and playing, embracing these perspectives and countless others that may have yet to be explored.

Shall we embark on this playful journey together?


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