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FrstHand - Natural & Environmental Photo Call

• FrstHand

• Deadline: November 15th 2023

• Prize: $1000 Prize Pool + Exposure

• Theme: Natural & Environmental Photography

• Entry Fee: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE for more opportunities •

The FrstHand Calendar is making a comeback! Share your finest 2023 snapshots and get a chance to be featured. We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Best Water Technology for this photography call. Discover more about their mission below.

This year has witnessed a multitude of transformations. The global economy and healthcare sectors are striving to rebound from the pandemic's aftermath, while the technology industry has made remarkable strides, reshaping various sectors with the advent of AI. International relations have been characterized by both collaboration and tension among major powers, and social justice movements are gaining momentum worldwide.

Amid escalating climate action endeavors, the world experienced sobering reminders of the climate crisis through extreme weather events. Destructive hurricanes, wildfires, and floods affected regions globally, emphasizing the pressing need for adaptation and resilience measures. Nations expanded their efforts to protect natural areas and launched initiatives to combat biodiversity loss. Large-scale tree planting initiatives aimed to sequester carbon, rehabilitate ecosystems, and combat deforestation. The Great Green Wall project in Africa continued making progress in the fight against desertification. Governments and organizations worldwide united to safeguard marine life and combat plastic pollution. The establishment of conservation zones and stricter regulations aimed to preserve fragile coral reefs and vital ocean ecosystems.

Despite substantial measures to protect our planet, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis continued to cause extensive devastation. For our 2023: Natural and Environmental Events calendar, we invite you to share your most captivating photographs focusing on the themes of ENVIRONMENT and NATURE!


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