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FOIC - Community in Motion Photography Contest 2024

Community in Motion

• Deadline: June 9th, 2024

• Theme: Exploring the Possible

• Prize: 500 Euros + Exhibition at the Ethical Festival

• Entry Fees: Yes


FOIC - Community in Motion Photography Contest 2024

Comunità in Movimento (Comunities in motion) is the photo contest featured at the Multicultural Festival, and this edition focuses on the theme "Exploring the Possible."

Photography is a powerful tool for capturing reality but it also possesses the potential to inspire and reveal what could be. This contest encourages participants to use photography to explore the future, imagine desirable realities, and challenge the limits of perception. It invites photographers to delve into technological innovation, address global challenges, and dream up utopian or dystopian visions. In a world shaped by technology, photography can foresee what lies ahead.

Photography becomes a lens to focus attention on global issues such as climate change, social justice, wars and migrations, envisioning ideal or dystopian scenarios and use photography to inspire reflections on the future.

In a society undergoing constant change, the theme "Exploring the Possible" provides participants with the opportunity to capture images that project a bold and creative gaze into the future, examining the potentials and boundaries of imagination.


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