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Eyeshot Open Call 2023


• Deadline: July 31st, 2023

• Prize: €1,700 + Exhibition in Naples + Contracts

• Category: Street & Documentary Photography

• Entry Fees: Variable (from FREE to €59)

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

We cordially invite photographers from all corners of the globe to participate in the highly anticipated Eyeshot Open Call 2023 photography competition. This year's theme is "The Human Being," and we are eager to witness your deepest and most stimulating interpretations of this multifaceted subject. Through the powerful medium of photography, we aim to celebrate and explore the myriad dimensions of the human experience.

Diving into the heart of street and documentary photography, this competition warmly welcomes and encourages submissions in both categories. "The Human Being" theme beckons you to embark on an exploration and investigation of the human condition in all its raw and authentic expressions. Whether it's capturing moments of joy, sadness, struggle, victory, pain, hope, love, loss, or anything in between, including the nuances of daily life and the realities of urban existence through the lens of street photography, we urge you to express your unique perspective and creativity.

By participating in the Eyeshot competition, you'll become an integral part of a truly exceptional international experience. Your work will have the opportunity to be showcased to a diverse and global audience, allowing you to interact with a community of passionate photographers hailing from every corner of the world.

To further elevate the excitement, we have some remarkable prizes in store for the most outstanding entries:

  1. Cash Prizes: A total of 1,750 euros will be awarded to the winners, recognizing and appreciating their exceptional talents and dedication.

  2. Editorial Contracts: The winners will also have the extraordinary chance to secure editorial contracts worth over an astonishing 45,000 euros. This opens up new avenues for recognition and exposure in the photography world.

  3. International Exhibition: Selected works will be featured in a prestigious exhibition to be held in the captivating city of Naples, Italy. This is a remarkable opportunity to have your art displayed on an international stage, gaining the attention it truly deserves.

  4. Publication in the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 Photo Book: Your awe-inspiring images will be immortalized in a beautifully curated photo book, ensuring your work reaches a wider audience and stands the test of time.

  5. Sales Opportunities: Last but not least, this competition also provides you with the chance to sell your exceptional photographs to an international audience. It's not just about recognition; it's about unlocking potential opportunities in the photography market.

So, dear photographers, let your creativity and passion soar as you capture the essence of "The Human Being" through your lens. Join us in this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the beauty, complexity, and diversity of humanity through the captivating art of photography. Submit your entries to the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 and be a part of something truly exceptional!


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