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Exhibition Opportunity at Boomer Gallery London

Boomer Gallery

• Deadline: June 2nd, 2024

• Prize: Exhibition + Sales

• Theme: What is Art

• Entry Fees: Yes


PhMuseum Days 2024 Open Call

What is art in the 21st century? What Makes It Valuable?

The discourse on the nature of art in the 21st century has never been more intriguing. While some creators remain firmly rooted in the traditions of their craft, others boldly venture into uncharted territories, invoking a constant debate around the central question - What Is Art? What makes it valuable?

In the modern art world, it's evident that success doesn't adhere to a single style or approach. The diverse paths taken by some of the world's most renowned and affluent artists underscore the idea that every unique style of art can become valuable.

This exhibition is designed not merely to showcase art but to stimulate conversation between divergent paths within contemporary art. The aim is to prove that success in the art world is not a monolithic concept but a spectrum of possibilities, each as valid and valuable as the next.

For the grand opening of this exhibition on June 7th, we are honored to host one of the world's foremost art experts, Tabish Khan. He will share his unique insights and illuminate the nuances of contemporary art at this seminal event.

Tabish Khan stands as a pillar for democratizing art access. As a prominent art critic deeply embedded in London's art scene, he is the visual arts editor for Londonist and a staple contributor to Culture Whisper. Through his weekly top 5 exhibitions for FAD, Khan continually sheds a light on the top exhibitions to see. His dedication transcends just critiques, Khan actively supports institutions like ArtCan, City & Guilds London Art School, and Discerning Eye, championing artists and exhibitions.

Gallery Space:

Our gallery is located in the vibrant heart of the iconic Tower Bridge area in London. An elegant blend of historical richness and modern energy, our space serves as an extraordinary platform for artists and audiences alike.hich will be reviewed by a jury comprised of photographers who were key figures in last year's edition. We look forward to welcoming you to Bologna!


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