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Environmental Photographer of the Year

Environmental Photographer of the Year - Photo Contest

• Deadline: August 30th, 2023

• Prize: $1,000 + Publication

• Theme: Environmental

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

In its 16th year, The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition presents a display of the most inspiring environmental photography sourced globally. The competition's focus is on commemorating humanity's resilience and ingenuity, showcasing thought-provoking imagery that draws attention to our ecological impact and motivates sustainable living. All photographic submissions need to be dated after January 1, 2022. Each participant is permitted to contribute a maximum of three photographs. While some digital modifications or enhancements are acceptable, participants are advised to uphold the authenticity of the original experience and refrain from misleading viewers or distorting reality.

Participants are required to be the exclusive creators and copyright holders of all the entries submitted, or they should have acquired proper authorization from the copyright holder to submit the entries on their behalf. The photographers will retain full copyright ownership of their submissions. The competition offers a main award, Environmental Photographer of the Year, including a cash prize of £5,000 (approximately $6,350 USD). Additionally, the Young Environmental Photographer of the Year will receive a Nikon Z Camera along with two Nikkor lenses. Furthermore, supplementary cash prizes of £1,000 are granted in the following categories: Vision of the Future, Recovering Nature, Keeping 1.5 Alive, and Adapting for Tomorrow.


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