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Drone Photo Awards 2024

Siena Award • Deadline: 31st March, 2024

Theme: Drone Photography

Prize: €500 Equipment

• Entry Fees: Free


Drone Photo Awards 2024

At the forefront of global recognition for excellence in aerial photography and videography, the Drone Awards stands as a premier competition dedicated to celebrating the unique artistry that unfolds in the expansive skies. Nestled as a pivotal initiative within the Siena Awards framework, this distinctive project deliberately carves out its own niche, purposefully setting aside the comparison to traditional photography to spotlight the enchanting world of aerial imagery in its own right.

This specialized competition serves as an inclusive platform, inviting entries that span a rich tapestry of aerial perspectives. Embracing a wide array of airborne vehicles, the Drone Awards transcends the confines of drone technology alone. It opens its arms to fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, balloons, blimps, dirigibles, rockets, kites, and parachutes. This deliberate inclusivity transforms the competition into a vibrant showcase, seeking to capture the breathtaking beauty of our world from diverse aerial viewpoints.

By casting its net wide across this expansive array of aerial technologies, the Drone Awards becomes a dynamic stage for creativity and imagination to take flight. It beckons photographers and videographers, whether exploring the skies through drones, aircraft, balloons, or other unconventional means, to contribute their unique perspectives. The result is a melting pot of innovation where contributors from different aerial domains converge, collectively pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and redefining the art of capturing the world from above. In this convergence of talent and technology, the Drone Awards elevates the appreciation of aerial imagery, fostering a global celebration of the remarkable and diverse perspectives that the skies inspire.


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