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Dreams & Nightmares Photo Contest + Exhibition

The Boomer Gallery

• Deadline: January 7th, 2024

• Prize: Exhibition in London

• Theme: Dreams & Nightmares

• Entry Fees: Free (Pay if Selected)


Might dreams and nightmares be the powerful engines driving our creative processes, mysterious sparks that ignite the fire of artistic inspiration?

A substantial number of artists passionately embrace this belief.

Some discover their deepest wellsprings of inspiration within the fabric of dreams, diving into a blissful trance of creation. This state surpasses simple ambition, evolving into a surreal canvas where endless possibilities bloom. It's a realm where the mind roams, pursuing the sublime and the ethereal, fostering an unquenchable quest to reach previously unimagined heights, somehow, somewhere.

Conversely, many others venture through the chilling realms of nightmares, a journey marked by relentless inner conflicts and night sweats that disrupt the silence of the night.

These artists grapple with the darker fragments of their psyche, delving into corners where fears take shape and insecurities persistently gnaw. It's a place where conflicts brew, birthing creations steeped in raw, unfiltered emotion, art unafraid to expose the tumultuous storms raging within. It serves as both an exploration and an exorcism of the deep-seated darkness dwelling within the human spirit. Here, beauty emerges from the conflict, the chaos, offering a catharsis that is both profound and unsettling.

"I know, I've been there, I am still."

This exhibition aims to uncover the profound links between the subconscious realm of dreams and the pulsating, sometimes daunting heartbeat of artistic creation, providing a haven for contemplation, resonance, and perhaps, revelation.

Gallery Venue:

Our gallery stands proudly in the vibrant heart of London's iconic Tower Bridge area. A graceful fusion of historical grandeur and contemporary vibrancy, our space acts as an exceptional stage for both artists and audiences alike.


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