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Deloitte's Photo Grant 2024


• Deadline: June 30th, 2024

• Prize: €20,000 + Exhibition

• Theme: Possibilities

• Entry Fees: Free


Deloitte's Photo Grant 2024

The second edition of Deloitte's Photo Grant is now open for submissions, the international photographic grant promoted by Deloitte Italy with the patronage of Fondazione Deloitte and in collaboration with 24 ORE Cultura, artistic direction by Denis Curti and the BlackCamera team, will be available.

After Connections, the subject of the first edition of Deloitte's Photo Grant in 2023, 2024 is the year dedicated to Possibilities. This year, photographers are invited to look to the future with the aim of seizing the possibilities for change and transformation that the present, both personal and historical, presents to us.

The word "Possibilities" invites reflection on the power of choices that each of us, individually and as part of society and humanity as a whole, can make. As individuals, we are faced with an infinity of possibilities, some of which could change the course of our existence, defining our destiny. But humanity itself is a stage of infinite possibilities. Throughout the centuries, we have witnessed an endless expansion of our knowledge, our capabilities, and our aspirations. However, with this growth has also come the weight of responsibilities and global challenges.

The photographic grant of Fondazione Deloitte aims to be a stimulus in facing the panorama of possibilities for humanity as a whole, encouraging the choice to act, but also to renounce, to shape a better, fairer, and more sustainable future. The task of the photographers who will participate in Deloitte's Photo Grant will be to urge us to reflect on the multiple directions that each of us could take in our lives. Each shot represents an open window to a world of creative possibilities: through the lens of cameras, it is possible to capture not only visible reality but also the nuances of human imagination.

The winner will receive a cash contribution and the realization of an exhibition, in the Mudec Photo space of the Museum of Cultures in Milan, as well as the publication of a catalog edited by 24 Ore Cultura.

Deloitte's Photo Grant is structured into two categories: Recommendations and Open call.

In the first one, ten personalities operating in the world of international cultural production, called Recommenders, will nominate two unpublished photographic works each, composed of at least 40 images, realized by a photographer at their discretion. Among the recommenders are Luisa Bondoni, Paul Ninson, Menno Liauw, Gonzalo De Benito, Laura Sackett, Veronica Nicolardi, Roger Ballen, Francois Hebel, Pierre Andre Podbiesky, Toni Torinbert. A jury, composed of critics, professional photographers, museum directors, photo editors, and gallery owners, will choose the winner of the second edition of Deloitte's Photo Grant, who will be awarded with a solo exhibition at Mudec - Museum of Cultures in Milan, in December 2024, accompanied by a catalog edited by 24 ORE Cultura, as well as a cash contribution of €40,000. In the jury are Guido Borsani (President of Fondazione Deloitte), Antonio Carloni (Vice Director of Gallerie d'Italia), Melissa Harris (Editor-at-Large of Aperture Foundation), Nicolas Jimenez (Photo Editor of LeMonde), Renata Ferri (Photo Editor RCS), Claudio Composti (Curator), Erik Kessels (Curator), Newsha Tavakolian (Photographer and winner of the 2023 edition of Deloitte's Photo Grant), in addition to the curator of Mudec, Sara Rizzo, and the president of the jury, Denis Curti.

The second category involves an open call, from March 4 to June 30, 2024, for photographers under 35 years of age, who will have to present a project idea on the theme of the award, described both in its content and in its implementation costs. Participants will also need to submit a portfolio of ten images related to the project or other works of their choice. The winner of this section will receive a mention within the exhibition dedicated to the Recommendations winner. They will also receive €20,000 for the realization of their project idea, and the exhibition dedicated to the project will be held during the next edition of the Photo Grant.


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