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Decagon Gallery - The Beauty of Still Life

Decagon Gallery

• Deadline: August 10th, 2023

• Prize: $300 + Exhibition

• Theme: The Beauty of Still Life

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

Experience the captivating world of still life photography through our extraordinary exhibition. Delve into the realms of beauty and artistry as we present a remarkable collection of images that will ignite your imagination, evoke emotions, and unveil the essence of life itself.

In recognition of exceptional talent, the First Place entry, as determined by our esteemed juror, will be awarded a generous cash prize of $300.

From the elegant simplicity of a flower-filled vase to the meticulously arranged intricacies of a table setting, these images pay homage to the mastery and significance of still life photography. They offer a mesmerizing glimpse into the enchanting and multifaceted aspects of our surroundings, compelling us to contemplate the profound ways in which ordinary objects can inspire and enchant.

Our aim with this exhibition is to cultivate a profound appreciation for the artistry and significance of still life photography. We wholeheartedly invite you to embark on this enthralling journey of exploration and discovery, immersing yourself in the compelling narratives and captivating visuals that remind us of the resplendence and awe of our world.

By participating in this exhibition, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to showcase your work to a vast audience and garner well-deserved recognition for your exceptional talent. Our esteemed juror will handpick up to 35 photographs to be featured in a captivating online exhibit throughout the month of September, reaching audiences far and wide through our extensive social media platforms.

Submissions are now open for photographers aged 18 and above until August 10, 2023. The submission fee is $20 for up to five images, with an additional cost of $4 for each subsequent image. Accepted entries will be showcased in a captivating online exhibition throughout the month of September. For those who wish to treasure this remarkable experience, an exhibition catalog will be available for purchase through a convenient print-on-demand service.

Join us on this remarkable artistic endeavor, and let your talent shine in the vibrant realm of still life photography. Together, let us celebrate the magnificence and allure of the world that surrounds us.


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