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CVCEPHOTO / International Mountain Photo Contest


• Deadline: March 31st, 2024

• Prize: 1,400€ + Exposure

• Theme: Mountain Activities

• Entry Fees: Free


CVCEPHOTO / International Mountain Photo Contest

CVCEPHOTO stands as a prestigious international photography competition organized by the esteemed Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, a renowned mountaineering institution nestled within the scenic landscapes of San Sebastian.

This captivating event serves as a global platform for photographers to showcase their artistic vision, capturing the essence of non-motorized sports amid the majestic backdrop of mountains. From the adrenaline-fueled pursuits of alpinism to the vertical challenges of climbing, the graceful descents of skiing, the enduring treks of trekking, the explorations of speleology, to the breathtaking flights of paragliding, participants are invited to immortalize the spirit of adventure and exploration inherent in these mountainous activities.

With the opportunity to submit up to three captivating images, entrants are encouraged to delve into the heart of these mountain adventures, capturing moments of triumph, serenity, and raw beauty. Through their lenses, photographers embark on a visual odyssey, offering viewers a glimpse into the profound connection between humanity and the untamed wilderness.

CVCEPHOTO promises to be an inspiring showcase of creativity and passion, celebrating the intrinsic allure of mountains and the indomitable spirit of adventure that resonates within every adventurer's soul.


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