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Concrete in Life 2023


• Deadline: November 15th, 2023

• Prize: $10,000 + Exposure

• Category: Urban Photography

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE for more opportunities •

Concrete, an omnipresent human-made substance with a global presence, integrates seamlessly into our daily lives. It envelops our homes and workplaces, forms the very basis of our roadways and walkways, provides essential support for bridges, serves as the foundational bedrock for wind farms that power our existence, and stands resilient as protective sea barriers. As the preferred choice for sustainable construction, concrete not only guarantees the creation of secure and long-lasting structures but also acts as a catalyst for the development of renewable energy infrastructure.

We are delighted to introduce "Concrete in Life," an annual photography competition that extends a warm welcome to photographers from all corners of the world, including those equipped with nothing more than a camera phone. This distinctive competition beckons participants to capture the omnipresence of concrete in their daily surroundings, offering them the opportunity to compete for cash prizes of up to $10,000.

Participating in this competition is a straightforward endeavor. You need only share your concrete-themed photographs on social media, accompanied by the hashtag #ConcreteInLife2023 and the specific category hashtag (inclusive entry guidelines are provided below).

A panel of esteemed judges will meticulously evaluate the submissions, and we anticipate unveiling the selected entries later this year. The winners will be formally announced in early 2024.

Adding to the excitement, this year introduces a new and engaging feature: the "People's Choice" award. This empowers the general public to cast their votes for their favorite image among our shortlisted entries. Stay tuned for further details regarding this captivating addition to the competition.


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