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Chateau Gallery

• The Chateau Gallery

• Deadline: August 15th, 2022⁠

• Prize: Exhibition + Sales

• Theme: Degenerate

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

"Degenerate: a person who is immoral, corrupt, or sexually perverted. A passionate photographer possesses the means, motive, and opportunity to capture a debaucherous image. What is your interpretation of "degenerate," and how does your work oppose the blasé mainstream narrative preferred by the state and status quo? Degenerate is an international juried group exhibition open to photographers ages 18 years and older. All black and white, color, conventional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

Terms of Entry

Please read the exhibition prospectus, submission requirements, and terms of entry before completing your submission.

  • Entry is open to all artists internationally. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. As of February 2022, TCG does not accept submissions or payments from individuals within the countries of Belarus or the Russian Federation. Please refer to the complete U.S. Foreign Policy Compliance Statement.

  • All entrants, by virtue of their submission, are attesting that the images submitted are their own work and there has been no copyright infringement of any artist, living or deceased.

  • There is a $20 entry fee used to support advertising, promotional materials and scheduled programming.


  • All entries must be original and completed by the artist’s hand. If artwork is part of a limited edition, please state total number in the edition.

  • Work previously exhibited at TCG is not eligible for re-entry.

  • There is no size limit for online exhibitions.

  • NFTs may be submitted.

  • Online exhibitions may feature artwork Not for Sale (NFS).

  • Visit our Terms of Service page for more information.

Sales and Copyright

  • TCG’s Online Sales Gallery is provided to artists to sell their work. TCG, at discretion, will reimburse up to $20 in shipping costs to those artists for online sales shipments if a receipt is provided. All other artists must enter Price on Request (POR) and purchase inquiries will be referred by TCG to the artist.

  • Artists will retain 60% from sales. TCG will retain 40% commission on any work sold through TCG and its agents. Artists will be responsible for fulfillment of sales.

  • TCG retains the right to edit artist statements and biographies for clarity and length if work is featured on social media.

  • Jurors Choice, Directors Choice, and Honorable Mentions will be selected.

  • By submitting your work, you grant the gallery a limited one-time license to use your images for promotional materials and/or inclusion in our online gallery and social media accounts. The artist retains all rights to their work at all times and will receive attribution whenever possible.


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