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• Center - Project Development Grant •

• Center Advancing the Photographic Arts

• Deadline: February 27th, 2022⁠

• Prize: $5,000 + Exhibition

• Theme: Open

• Entry Fees: $25

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

CENTER – it is a noun and a verb. It is an action and a destination.

Founded in 1994, the not-for-profit organization CENTER supports socially and environmentally engaged lens-based projects through education, public platforms, funding, and partnerships.

Image-making holds a unique power to confront audiences with uncomfortable truths, advance cultural understandings, and promote social justice. Through our advancement of artists and their work, CENTER serves to deepen public understanding of lens-based media’s complex history and ongoing cultural significance. By establishing trans-disciplinary partnerships between artists and justice-driven communities, historians, cultural critics, students, and the art world, we honor our unique role in advancing projects that respect all people, open minds, and engage our shared humanity.


– Founded in 1994, CENTER has been advancing projects for 28 years. Through our grants, awards, exhibitions and portfolio review programs, CENTER can provide direct funding to projects and offer professional development opportunities. Save extra on entry fees as a CENTER Member. Not a Member? Join the Members Circle. General Eligibility: All of CENTER’s Call for Entries opportunities accept submissions from national and international photographers and lens-based artists. Work can have been made at any time and work that has been previously submitted may be re-submitted as we invite new jurors each year. Work derived from all photographic processes is accepted, as well as mixed media that is photo-based. The Multimedia Award and Review Santa Fe applications accept video, multimedia files, and/or still images for submission.



Karen Irvine – Chief Curator & Deputy Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography

Grant Package:

• $5,000

• Mentorship

• Professional Development Workshop Admission

• Review Santa Fe Tuition & Project Presentation

• Publication with Lenscratch

• Group Exhibition

• Inclusion in the Alumni Archive


1). Fill out the application form and pay for your desired categories 2). Prepare files and project information

  • 6 – 10 images

  • Project statement of 325-words

3). Upload your submission before the final deadline of February 27, 2022


• GRANT REQUIREMENTS: The Project Development Grant funds and package are provided to a work-in-progress only. • ELIGIBLE: All of CENTER’s Call for Entry opportunities accept submissions from national and international photographers and lens-based artists. Work can have been made at any time and work that has been submitted previously may be re-submitted as we have new jurors each year. • NOT ELIGIBLE: If the photographer is represented by a major international photographic agency. • FUNDS: Provided grant funds may be used for most expenses related to the project. Learn more about the Development Grant.


CENTER is a not-for-profit organization that honors, supports, and provides opportunities for gifted and committed photographers. We have submission fees for our Call for Entry opportunities for the following reasons: we compensate all of the jurors/reviewers/mentors, provide orientations for each to ensure mutual investment in the process, we keep all submissions and alumni projects in our database to provide access to the jurors long after the judging, allowing them to reference work at any time, as well as providing CENTER partners and staff a reference for any upcoming exhibition or publishing opportunities. Submission Fee Waivers are available on a case-by-case basis for those that cannot afford the entry fees for whatever reason. To apply, you must fill out the Submission Fee Waiver Request Form before the deadline of February 25, 2022. Please note, there are no extensions for the submission fee waiver.


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