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Boomer Gallery London / Inner World - Call For Photo and Art

Boomer Gallery London

• Deadline: March 2nd, 2024

• Prize: Exhibition in London

• Theme: Inner World

• Entry Fees: Free (Pay if Selected)


Boomer Gallery London / Inner World - Call For Photo and Art

n the 2023 exhibitions program, we have focused more on connecting the artworks with the world. This year, we are focusing more on the mysterious world of the creator, the artist- slave and God at the same time, a slave of deep thoughts and the absolute God of his creation.

What does one feel looking at an artwork, something that was created out of nothing?

Do we absorb the immediate visual impact and stop there, or maybe we go further and contemplate in our mind- who is the artist, how fiercely they love, what do they feel in the moment of creation- struggle, joy, despair, what’s their inner world?

The artist is the eye of our own imaginations, the God that turns something immaterial and without logic into something that we can see, touch, smell, and contemplate about.

This exhibition seeks to transcend the visual boundaries of art, inviting the viewer into the mysterious inner sanctum of its creator.


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