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Bio Photo Contest 2022

Bio Art Visual

• Deadline: March 31st, 2022⁠

• Prize: €5000 + Exposure

• Theme: Nature/Wildlife Photography

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The wonderful panorama of the natural ecosystems of the whole planet is condensed in the best photographs by professional authors and advanced amateurs.

An international photographic competition, organized by the BioArt visual association.

Rules of Photo Contest: The finalist images will be verified through IRCC certification which will attest to the correct post-production and naturalness of the image. In case of ascertained anomaly, the image will be disqualified. The contest will end with the celebration of the winners at the BioPhotoFestival in October 2022.

1. The nature photography contest is open to everyone, amateur or professional photographers, as long as they are of legal age;

2. There are different participation fees: • € 30.00 for participation by sending a maximum of 30 non-certified images; • € 25.00 by sending 10 to 20 images already certified out of a total of 30. • € 25.00 by sending 21 to 30 images already certified out of a total of 30. If the organization finds problems with some of the images declared certified but not recognized by IRCC, it may not admit to the selection, the image or images subject to verification. If deemed appropriate, the organization may exclude from the competition the photographer registered, without having to recognize any refund of the registration fee. The payment of the fee must be made online via PayPal and credit card or by bank transfer. After crediting, you will have access to the system to upload the images. Uploaded images can be deleted or replaced up to the 5th day following the registration deadline.

3. A maximum of 30 images are accepted, which can also be included in a single Biome and in a single category. Type of file: a) scans from slides, with the file size of at least 4000 px long side. The organization will require, in case of passing the preselection phase, the original slide. In the case of a non-receipt, the image will be disqualified. b) high-quality digital files TIFF or JPG. Post-production of the digital file is permitted only if it is limited to basic cleaning, slight saturation, and contrast. The faithful representation of shapes, behavior, or natural phenomena must remain intact. Composite images or multiple exposures are not permitted. However, the creation of one file for a panoramic image by combining two or more files (stitch) is permitted. The use of sharpening is allowed, but in a moderate way, and of cropping up to a maximum of 40% on the short side for the “landscapes” category only and 20% per side for the remaining 5 categories. The final dimensions of the file must allow a sufficient enlargement for a 100cm X 70cm print. international nature photography competition 2022 THE BIOMES The great beauty of planet At the end of the pre-selection phase of the images, by a commission appointed by the organization, the native files of the submitted images (including all those that make up the “stitch”) will be requested, as recorded by the camera without manipulation in RAW or DNG format; in case of non-receipt, the image will not access the final selection.

4. Participation: The images must be uploaded directly to the site: www. after registration (ONLY low-resolution JPG files); later, in case of passing the preselection phase, will be required through communication via email, RAW, and TIFF files. The technical data, the name of the subject, and the shooting location must appear on the metadata. The images in jpg format must have a dimension of 1920 pixels for the longest side and a weight not superior to 3 MB. It is recommended to store in your email server, among your contacts, the email address: in order not to risk losing the communication.

5. The following images are not allowed: • Images of domestic animals and cultivated plants; • Images with multi-exposures and digitally manipulated images; • Images taken in captivity or in non-natural conditions; • Images already awarded in other competitions (awarded means those that have won a first, second or third prize).

6. All rights to the photos must be owned by the author, without constraints from agencies or publishing houses.

7. The Association BioArt visual will have the right to use for free for promotional purposes the winning images and/or reports of the competition for publications in magazines, on the catalog of the competition, on websites, on any brochures and calendars. Or to display them in photographic exhibitions related to the competition and whenever the organizers deem it necessary, citing the name of the authors of the images. 8. The jury reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept those images whose creation is presumed to have caused damage to the species portrayed. The winning and finalist photographers will be notified by June 2022. Results will be made public by July 10, 2022.


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