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Beauty in Decay by The Chateau Gallery

• The Chateau Gallery

• Deadline: February 15th, 2024

• Prize: Exhibition + Sales

• Theme: Beauty in Decay

• Entry Fees: Yes


Beauty in Decay

The perception of beauty is inherently subjective, residing in the eyes of the beholder. Societal norms frequently exert pressure on individuals to conform to prevailing standards, fostering a collective like-mindedness. However, it is within the realms of divergence from these norms that the most captivating and ethereal forms of artistic expression often emerge, transcending traditional boundaries.

True innovation and creative brilliance tend to flourish when individuals question or break away from established conventions. This prompts exploration, pushing the boundaries of what is considered conventional or acceptable. How an artist's work reflects or challenges the conventional notions of beauty becomes a pivotal aspect in understanding the depth of their creative expression.

In this context, "The Beauty in Decay" stands as an international open call inviting photographers aged 18 and older to contribute their perspectives on beauty. The call welcomes a diverse array of artistic expressions, encompassing all forms of two-dimensional images. It embraces both traditional and non-conventional media, as well as conventional or alternative processes, as long as they have a subjective analog or digital photographic base.

The essence of this call lies in encouraging artists to delve into the unconventional, to capture beauty in unexpected places or through innovative means. By fostering a space for divergent perspectives and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, "The Beauty in Decay" seeks to celebrate the inherent subjectivity of beauty and challenge preconceived notions in the realm of photography.


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